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Hello --

So how do you give her toe curling orgasms and make her ejaculate?

It's really easy if you know know what you are doing...

Consider this...

You study all the info you hear about woman's sexuality. You sample all the "How to Make Her Orgasm" volumes and articles, one right after another. You learned that around half seemed successful to a point, some read like complete hogwash, and almost 7% really know what they are speaking about. In reality ...

... Zero of them worked to produce eye-rolling orgasms - EVERY TIME. And why is that ...

... Because most all books and articles boil down to intercourse and clitoral arousal for climaxes. But in the real world, the G-spot controls the crucial key - NOT the clit. Here are some distressing stats:

55% of adult females on a regular basis put forth phony orgasms with their lovers (She fibs, saying she experienced "awesome sex").

Fewer than 27% of adult females regularly feel an orgasm ... that means 73% of adult females never orgasm with their mate!

After you expose the mysteries of the G-spot (some secrets I discovered from a butch friend of mine), you discover, that she likes the romance of a relationship ... but ...

... she needs sexual release.

The Right (and the Wrong Way) to Bring On Her
Massive Orgasms ...Introducing ...

Allow me an explanation ... Do you want to make her orgasm and ejaculate? Within this informative exercise you'll end your anxiousness about satisfying her sexually. Everything you need to make her orgasm and ejaculate - EVERY TIME.

The blueprint for hotter sex includes four comprehensive sections and an appendix:

By now you must be wondering how you can satisfy her with "Boink Her Pink"

Section 1: First Base

Attitude analysis ... Does she really want a sensitive-devotee-with a-smooth-touch or does she desire a strong-but-silent man who'll dominate (the response to this might surprise you).

12 key ingredients of your look and behavior that leaves you irresistible.

Secret G-spot mysteries that even she doesn't fully understand (knowing how this extremely-responsive area truly operates leaves you head-and-shoulders above most all lovers)

How the erotic 1960s in reality exposed the single powerful sexual gratification secret in the history of orgasms and how you can get her glued to the ceiling ... and much more.

Section 2: Second Base

Why the most common sex position doesn't do a darn thing for her - unless you "arouse" her G-spot (if she were in charge, this sexual position probably would be outlawed).

Both you and her drop the mark on this critical ingredient of bedroom activity.

Discover the pinnacles of her sexual gratification ---and yours.

Two methods for taking her to out-of-this-universe with pleasure and, more significant, where to apply each tactic (using the right method in the wrong place causes more pain than pleasure ... take that as a warning!) ... and much more.

Section 3: Third Base

One finger will speedily and easily make her come over-and-over ... You'll love this technique!

Weak-ass maintenance error made by YOU (why do you spend twenty-minutes cleaning and polishing a vice-grip but won't take ten-minutes to have your passion tools look in correct condition?).

Which totally un-amorous room she will always spend a few minutes in right before you cause her come like a porn star?

Of the two types of orgasms, which one will you make happen first? (perhaps you have a hard time giving her the experience either type of orgasm ... ).

Splattering stuff on your jeans has actually already taught you this important cum-producing technique.

How you will know when she experiences one of those squirting orgasms (once you understand these signs you'll be in awe of what she does).

Section 4: Home Run

Squirting ...fact or fiction? FACT. Most woman can squirt. do it but legions more can than do . She paints the ceiling with ejaculate using this technique.

Correct Kegel methods for both you and her (conceive of her able to grasp your manhood so hard ... it's like having erotic sex with a virgin!)

BONUS BENEFIT : Paying attention to proper Kegel methods can actually make YOU multi-orgasmic too!

There's a thin line between anguish-and-pleasure. Crucial secrets behind the all-powerful "rest period" between her climaxes.

Sex secrets men with ED need to know (hint: it's significant if you know what you're doing but it's critical if you remain thick-skulled and rely on chance to get her eyes rolling back in her head).

Ecstasy through "Edging," the private weapon of top-grade lovers ... Once you go from good-to-great with everything else in this volume, master the stunning advanced method of edging ... Her multiple mind-blowing orgasms leave her trembling and shaking.

Bye-bye Sex Toys - She can give herself a clitoral climax, but wait 'till she gets a G-gasm.

Trembling, rocking and shock: how to address her when she just came and squirted hard enough scare herself. (Yes ... it happens...once you solve the G-spot secrets ... know how to address it).

Much, much more ...

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