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The Most Powerful Way To Attract Women To You - Is To Have Element-X! ...

"Discover How To Become Irresistible To Women
By Attaining Element-X"

Unlock the Inner Secrets
About Meeting Women

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Dear Friend,

          If you're looking to get the absolute edge when it comes to meeting, talking to, and dating attractive women, then you need Element-X.

          I'll tell you more about my secrets (and how to use them in YOUR pick-up places) in a second. But first I want to introduce myself ...

          Hi - my name is Jani and I'm a sex workshop facilitator, sex writer, blogger, editor, sex educator, and sex lover.

But more importantly, I've been meeting and dating attractive women over ten years now.

          Like you, I'm a fairly good-looking guy, above average sense of humor, generally a nice guy, not real book smart, but a lot of common sense.

          So how do I meet hot chicks? It's really simple if you know how ...

          See if this sounds familiar?

          You read all the information you find about how to meet and attract women. You sample all the "Pick-up" books and articles, one right after another. You found that about half appear successful to a point, some read like pure hogwash, and about 5% actually know what they're talking about. Fact is ...

          None of them worked for meeting, dating and more importantly getting to bed with scorching hot ladies. And Do you know why ...

          ... Because most books and articles concentrate on them --- instead of YOU. But in reality, YOU ARE THE KEY- NOT the lady. Here's troubling statistics.

          •  The single, most important concept a man needs to have more success with women, is "The Element-X."

          •  Element-X is more powerful than any technique or pick-up method you'll ever learn because the other methods are virtually worthless without Element-X.

          •  Element-X is that thing that women refer to when they say "there's just
something about him that I can't describe..."

         •  After you uncover the secrets of Element-X (some secrets I learned from a lesbian friend of mine), you discover, that she likes the romance of a relationship ... but ...

          •  ... she needs sexual release too.

          •  But - the most important thing is YOU can attain Element-X and enjoy the woman of your dreams.

Here's your helping hand ...

Now discover…

What is
Element-X ?

          In a nutshell, it's that missing piece that will bring your game together. Element-X goes beyond inner game because "inner game" is only one of the ingredients that makes the system work.

          Let me explain ... Element-X is a way of being. Once you have the Element-X, your success with women will skyrocket!

          The blueprint for meeting, dating and having sex with women includes four comprehensive sections:

Samples of Things You Discover

            Attitude analysis ... Does she really want a sensitive-lover-with-a-smooooooth-touch or does she want a strong-but-silent man who'll take control (the answer to this might surprise you).

          14 key components of your appearance and behavior that will make you irresistible.

          I share the true stories of two close friends of mine. One is a total stud and is always dating new women while my other friend hasn't had a date in years. I explain what the big difference is between both of them.

          How to raise your social value in just a couple of months - guaranteed!

          All healthy women are attracted to this one thing!

          Both you and her drop the ball on this critical component of meeting and dating.

          Uncomfortable, but true fact that explains why you will never discover the heights of her sexual satisfaction without Element-X.

          What to say to a woman if she says "I would never go out with you" and why.

          The one thing that you have to have in order to make Element-X work!

          Lame-ass maintenance mistake made by YOU (why do you spend twenty-minutes cleaning and polishing a socket-wrench but won't take five-minutes to make sure your love tools appear in proper condition?).

          7 things that you have to do in order to become a more powerful man. The good news is that YOU can do it because it's easy as a can of beer.

          My favorite 10 places that I like to approach women at.

          Who is more important when you meet women, you or her? The answer might shock. I explain this concept in a way no one else has ---(Hint: it's not her).

          I show you how to deal with women that have "standards". I also share a real life story with a woman I was dating who had these "standards".

          Do this one thing and a woman will never have any power over you - ever!

          And ... much, much more.


This Powerful Report Will Get You Started Right Away To meet the Hottest Chicks in Town


          Let's face it ...

          The further and further you read into this site, you realize the importance of "YOU" in getting to meet sizzling hot ladies.

          Imagine the look on her face as she's experiencing the pleasure of meeting the "new" you ... usually on multiple dates. Not only that, but ...

          ... More importantly, imagine what she feels about you and your ability to satisfy her. It's amazing to see the lust in her eyes and feel the sexual desire in every part of her body.

          She experiences the bonding and closeness that results from your strong, sexy personality.

          What if you discovered this proven simple Element-X ... and found it amazing to see how many new dates you experience.

         Little by little you realize that "Element-X" - the ultimate guide to attract, meet, date and most importantly have sex with is the key to your future. As I said before ...

          ... Even if you're a man not capable of meeting women in the past, you'll benefit immensely from knowing about "Element-X", because you'll make yourself happy and feel important. My point being ...

         Imagine meeting women anytime, any place, almost anywhere …

 Listen to What Other Sexperts and Readers
Say About "Element-X":

Robert Bartlow:

If you were to ask 1,000 women what they like in a man they can never
give you just "one" thing. They like cute butts, nice eyes, a man who can make them laugh, confidence in all things, leadership, gentleman, good in bed, great kisser, must "understand" her, etc.

All the men they describe possess "Element-X."

Rob - gameplan.com

Danny Dunahea:

I can't thank you enough for assembling this concise guide for meeting and dating women.

Keep up the great tips.

          Dan - Los Angeles, CA - tooltown.com


Chris Reinhart :

As with all your work in the dating and sexual know-how works, you have really outdone yourself. Just days after finishing your report, I have met and arranged dates for the next two weekends.

I hate to say it, but not bad for a dude that hasn't had a real date in over a year. Thanks!

Chris - Kissemmee, FL


        Trust your instincts not the lies.

         The big problem is that you believe the five big myths about meeting and dating.

The Top 5 Myths About Meeting and Dating-
The shocking truth about HER & SEX

         Myth #1: You have to be good looking and over 6 foot 3 inches tall to get dates.
         Myth #2: She wants a man with confidence (Yes, but also with Element-X)
         Myth #3: She doesn't want to meet you (Yes she does and will)
         Myth #4: A large wallet is necessary to satisfy her (nope)
         Myth #5: You know how to please her (You will after Element-X)

         Okay, So what's the ability for you to meet and date red-hot women worth to you?

        I'm not going to charge you anywhere near the amount you'd spend for a single overpriced dinner.

         Your total investment for "Element-X" - just $9.97

         Don't Decide Now - Just Try Everything At My Risk

         Can I help you better your love life and help you satisfy her every time?

          Definitely yes.

I'll even sweeten the deal ...

Click - "Buy Now" and you also receive...

Online Dating 101

Online Dating 101


... and

Hot Tips From Killer Chicks

Hot Tips From Killer ChicksHot Tips From Killer ChicksHot Tips From Killer Chicks

These three lovely ladies reveal the secrets to sleeping with hot chicks.

         The only way to meet, date and have sex - try everything in my program entirely at my risk. "Element-X" comes with a 100% no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. I personally guarantee that you've never heard anything like it. If you aren't a better lover, able to satisfy her, and feel more confident within 30 days after trying the program, simply email me and I'll cheerfully refund your money, and you can keep everything.

         Take me up on risk-free examination of "Element-X" and the two bonuses.

         Click Here to===> Find, meet and sleep with killer chicks.

Sincerely - oh, have fun tonight meeting the ladies,


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- I can help you.

Grab Your Copy Now - Only $9.97

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