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Hot and Heavy Sex:
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Inside discover:
==> What she really prefers - clitoral or G-spot orgasm.
==>Hidden secrets you know nothing about.
==> How to perform like the tiny minority of guys that know how to please her - every time.

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G-spot Orgasms and female Ejaculation (Squirting) Secrets Revealed


The Right (and the Wrong) Way to Make Her COME HARD

Let me explain ... Do you want to make her orgasm and ejaculate? Inside this informative work you'll get over your anxiety about pleasing her sexually. Absolutely everything any woman (or man) needs to make her orgasm and ejaculate - TONIGHT.s

The blueprint for better sex includes four comprehensive sections and an appendix:

Here's the stuff you need in order to satisfy her ...

Hidden G-spot secrets that even she doesn't fully understand (knowing how this super-sensitive area really works will put you head-and-shoulders above most lovers).

Uncomfortable, but true fact that explains why you will never discover the heights of her sexual satisfaction on your own.

Two techniques for taking her out-of-this-world with pleasure and, more important, where to apply each tactic (using the right technique in the wrong spot causes more pain than pleasure ... take that as a warning!)

One finger will quickly and easily make her come over-and-over ... but you've probably never used it!

Of the two types of orgasms, which one will you make sure she has first? (maybe you never give her either type of orgasm ... ).

How you will know when she experiences one of those ejaculatory orgasms (once you understand these signs you'll never have to wonder about her pleasure again).

Female ejaculation...fact or fiction? FACT. Not every woman can do it but many more can than do . She paints the wall with ejaculate using this technique.

Correct Kegel techniques for both you and her (imagine her able to grip your manhood so tight ... it's like having hot sex with a virgin!)

There's a thin line between pain-and-pleasure. Crucial secrets behind the all-important "rest period" between her orgasms.

Ecstasy through "Edging," the secret weapon of world-class lovers ... Once you go from good-to-great with everything else in this book, master the mind-boggling advanced technique of edging ... Her multiple mind-blowing orgasms leave her trembling and shaking.

Goodbye power tools - She can give herself a clitoral orgasm, but she can't give herself one of these.

Trembling, shaking and shock: how to handle her when she just orgasmed and ejaculated hard enough to scare herself. (Yes, it will happen...it does happen...once you know these secrets ... know how to deal with it).

Much, much more...

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