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==> How to perform like the tiny minority of guys that know how to please her - every time.

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Hot and steamy ... that is how you like it.

Sexy, kinky ideas.
Ideas are in a "Love Coupon" form - print it out and give it to your lover.
Each Coupon is between 400-600 words, outlining what the plan is for that night.

Pick one randomly, or start from the beginning and do them all.

Things getting a little stale in bed? You will have more, quality sex than you can handle. Even if you think your sex life is OK, you will not believe how good it can be until you indulge in some of our techniques and ideas.

Sex is important, so why not be the best lover you can be? Make them moan with ecstasy and scream with pleasure repeatedly.

These coupons are **NOT** warm and fuzzy - like "good for one back rub."
These coupons are on edge - sexy - kinky - fetishy.

For men and women - some titles:

A Night of Bondage
A kidnapping
Free flogging
That New Vibrator ...
A Night of Porn
Man in Panties
Not Tonight
Mutual Masturbation
Sex in the Shower
Working Girl
Slave Girl
I am Horny


... Much more ... 120 pages of hot steamy sex.

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Comments from readers:
"Tonight's The Night has led to quite a few new and exciting experiences.
It's funny because we sometimes jokingly call the book "The Menu."

"My girlfriend does what she calls Book marking. She reads something she likes,
or wants to try, maybe the description of a desire, and leaves the page book marked for me to read."

What do I discover?

New sex positions, anal sex techniques, oral sex
maneuvers and foreplay techniques you will discover...

What your lady or man really wants in the bedroom DIRECTLY from her or him.
New foreplay techniques that will make her wetter and hornier.
New sex positions.
How to initiate oral sex and anal sex with your partner.
You will feel like a porn star.

The Ultimate Guide to Sexy, Kinky Sex, we guarantee that you will become a better lover. Our unique guide is breathtaking and will turn you into an amazing lover. In just minutes, you will learn how to pleasure your lover like never before. Our unique sex guide is THAT POWERFUL.

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