Does your wife/GF need taming?

Why Women Love Cavemen ...
A Man's Guide to Tame the Bitch

Caveman Tactics to Tame the Bitch

If you work hard every day, only to come home
to a nagging, hounding money sucking spouse or girlfriend...
then follow closely to what I am about to say.

Dear Friend,

You know what? It all started With the cavemen ...

In the old days, a caveman grabbed his club, snatched a hold of his cave woman, yanked her by her hair, grunted and hauled her off for wild sex.

And now, millions of years later ... the world you live in, has not changed much.

Hi - my name is Jani Zubkovs.

Like you, I'm a fairly good-looking guy, above average sense of humor, generally a good guy, not real book smart, but a lot of common sense.

But here's the one important trait that you are missing: Caveman Attitude.

I'll introduce you to the "caveman secret" in a moment, but let me say this ...

In Life, There is no Better Way to Get ... and Keep Women than by the Caveman Attitude.

It's NOT Your Fault

I know what you are going through, and I know that it is not your fault, not entirely at least anyway.

Because of the assholes in the media and women dictating how you act, you never knew that acting like a "caveman" is what women really want.

After years of failed relationships and volumes of "Dear John" letters, the convoluted, confused and sometimes insane thinking of women suddenly descrambled in my brain.

First, I would like to share a rather embarrassing story with you that leads to an amazing secret. I don't like to tell this story too often because today, I am a completely different man and I'm mortified by the memory of this gut wrenching story.

Nevertheless, it's a story that illustrates what otherwise "nice guys" come up against when dealing with the opposite sex ... these "nice guys" get walked all over - even trampled by the woman in their lives.

Does Your Lover Trample You?

Here's the story: You see, many years ago, I was a doting, infatuated and adoring boyfriend to a girl named Carrie. I was in love with Carrie, and thought that someday we would get married.

I treated Carrie like gold. We went out on nice dates, I bought her the finest dinners, and jewelry and was caring and loving at all times.

Everything was fine and great in our relationship until about month number six. Our romance hit a brick wall and things were going downhill fast.

Our sexual encounters were almost non-existent, Carrie had become a nagger, constantly getting on my shit and riding me. To this day, I don't think she was having an affair, but I suspected her of talking to other men and "feeling out the water."

When I would call or come over, she would be "out." Later, when I would see her or talk to her, Carrie would give me a vague, muddled excuse as to her whereabouts and soak me for yet another expensive visit to a five star restaurant.

Guess what? I didn't realize it, but at that point, our relationship was kaput. Carrie sucked money out of my wallet for another two months before she dumped me for another man.

Does that story sound familiar? Welcome to the club.

It was incredibly frustrating for me, because I really liked Carrie and thought we made a nice couple. I made a decision to do something about it.

I read all the dating and relationship books and found them to be great for meeting and dating women, but they were essentially useless for building a long-term relationship.

I decided that I was going to go against the grain of most relationship books (especially the ones written by a female author - how on earth can you trust one of them??) and try my theory about women.

I won't tease you any longer,
Here is the Secret:

When all is said and done, it boils down to this: Women don't fall in love with "nice guys. Oh sure, they'll say they are looking for a nice guy to go out with and eventually marry, but that is NOT what they really want.

But check this out. Not only do nice guys finish last, but they finish broke and humiliated.

Seems simple ... right?

But what is she looking for in a man?

As the human race has evolved these past thousands of years, little has changed in what a woman looks for in a man and what a man looks for in a woman.

If history has taught us anything, she still needs and craves for you to be a "caveman." She may not consciously know it, but her inner-self lusts for you to take control and command.

Time to Start Taming the Bitch

Are you with me? Perhaps you're a man who grabs life by the horns. You live your life your way. And it shows ... in the clothes you wear ... in the car you drive ... in the women that you love and the way you treat your woman.

But maybe you're a man that through no fault of your own, has fallen on hard times in the relationship with the woman you love. Perhaps things are not going so well in the bedroom or for that matter, the rest of the house.

Do you feel as though she wants to drag you underwater as you are trying to swim upstream as Carrie did to me?

Don't worry, SHE changed ... NOT you.

You're still going about your business, getting up for work every day, working like a dog and coming home to the unfriendly fire from the woman of your desires.

That's just not right.

Time to do something about it.

It's time for YOU to tame the bitch.

You love her, but she's a spirited woman that craves and needs taming.

Imagine a TAMED WOMAN waiting for you:

Your life suddenly changes.

She's now different from the other girls. A few steps ahead. Go to her. Let her cradle you in her loving arms. Surround yourself with the lushness of her sweet calming voice.

Not only that, but a tamed women says, "Go ahead Honey" when you tell her that you are going to play golf next Saturday.

And that's just for starters.

A Tamed Woman is ready.

Turn her on.

Lead her to your bedroom ... this is where she craves to be.

Unleash your relentless power over her; drive her crazy with your newly found lovemaking skills. Control the Tamed Woman's every move - her every twist and squirm as you take command of her orgasms.

She'll beg you to stop, but you'll whack her on her ass, pull her hair and force her to have another in a long series of mind-blowing orgasms. She's pushed to the red line, only to drop back and then red-lined again.

This Tamed Women We Speak of ...
Is Yours ... Waiting For YOU

Attitude analysis ... Does she really want a sensitive-lover-with-a-smooth-touch or does she want a strong-but-silent man who'll take command and control (the answer to this might surprise you)

14 key components of your appearance and behavior that will make you irresistible.

Improve your life and end the "pussification" she instills in you.

Little known ways to end her looking at you as a "big dumb provider."

Discover the courage to grab your "stones" back.

Surprising fact: Nerds are the new Marlon Brando of the next generation.

Uncover the secrets behind all those princess/cavemen relationships

How to stop being a metrosexual and act like a real man.

Eliminate courtship bullshit and focus on the important stuff instead.

Sex and the tamee ... Why the most common sexual position doesn't do a damn thing for her - unless you "awaken" her G-spot

Complete details on the Women Tamed Sexual Technique

Detailed instructions on how to tame her through the greatest sex she ever had.

Even if you suffer from a small penis or ED, she'll be tame as a kitten by the time you are done with her.

Eliminate the "must cheat" command in the database of a woman's brain.

Seven fail proof ways to break the "clingy guy" habit.

GBF (GAY BEST FRIEND) SYNDROME ... going from friend to lover just got easy.

Are you pussified - startling facts that suddenly snap you out of it.

Are you a "CAVEMAN" or a "NICE GUY"?

Are you a real man or pussy-man ...
the sissification stops NOW .

No doubt about it, millions of men have essentially had their walnut sized stones wrenched out from under them ... and have been sissified by the media and the feminist movement.

Feminism's rise along with the entire politically correct movement has made it to where a guy can't be a guy anymore. We're taught to see ourselves as big, dumb providers.

I'm not talking about equality here - I'm all for that.

I'm talking about pussifying men - making them sissies. Doing dishes or helping with the laundry or helping out with housework is NOT what "pussification" of men means-->

You can't "pussify" John Wayne by having him do a pile of laundry. Men and women can be equal without stripping away their fundamental roles.

You can go to a school or university and join women groups, go to colleges and attend classes on feminism.

You can go into politics by exploiting feminism. Use feminism as a tool to advance almost any pet project you have.

Not one of these things is possible for a male and I'm NOT saying there should be - there shouldn't be any of it - male or female.

Destruction of male group's pride and self worth is the norm in this "NEW" male world.

A new society is being constructed - one in which being a genuine and real man is becoming looked down upon. I see it here in America, Down Under, and it's very advanced in the UK and Europe.

Need proof: Take a look at all the silly sitcoms and advertisements on TV.

This "sissification" of men is obvious in the media if you're aware of it. Keep an eye on ads on television; see if you can spot the subtle and not so subtle put downs of men.

Usually, the husband is a dumb dolt and the smart wife has the problems all figured out. OR the woman is being a mature, responsible adult while the man acts like a child.

Your sissification stops now ...
Tame the Bitch ... Today.

And the best part is ... A Tamed Women costs so little to create and to keep her happy. For happiness, five star restaurants and diamonds are NOT a requirement.

It's not your fault that she's a spoiled little bitch, but it must be stopped.

As a matter of fact, I don't blame you for pandering up to her, because outwardly that is what she expects. But in reality that is not what she needs and craves.

She makes you feel like less than a man because you can't satisfy her sexually. It's not your fault, nobody ever told you about the WT Technique ®.

It's not your fault that the stupid media pigeonholes you into a "dumb ass" when in reality you are a "caveman."

Are You Ready?

Raise your hand and yell if you are ready to take the small steps involved to get out from under her thumb.

Say it louder --- "YES"

I've spent endless hours putting all this material together for you. I've left out all the fluff so you can begin utilizing these strategies immediately.

Discover the deep psychology behind what a woman really wants --- not what she says she wants.

You'll quickly discover that she does NOT want a "nice guy" ... she wants a "caveman."

In order for you to tame a woman, you need these thousands of year old strategies. This is not something I dreamed up last week. This action plan has been around for years, yet the media and the feminist movement suppresses the notion of taming a woman.

How Much Are You Willing to Invest In Order to Tame the Woman in Your Life?

OK, raise your hand if you are convinced that taming a woman is something you want to do.

What price tag do you place on the amount of time invested in a losing relationship?

How are you going to stop the abuse and mistreatment?

How do you put a price tag on getting your "stones" back?

I see a lot of men struggle in their relationships. I see men invest both time and money in a love affair, only to have the woman walk all over him and find another man to abuse.

Enough already ... I will not let this happen to you.

Since you are smart, and have plenty of common sense, you can see the value of this information that you will never see anywhere else (especially not in the mainstream media).

And to make this deal sweeter than candy, I'm going to add a HOT bonus.


If you are ready to start the taming, simply click here.


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See if this sounds familiar?

You read all the information you find about how to meet and attract women. You sample all the "Pick-up" books and articles, one right after another. You found that about half appear successful to a point, some read like pure hogwash, and about 5% actually know what they're talking about. Fact is ...

Let me get right to the point, none of them worked for meeting, dating and more importantly sleeping with scorching hot ladies. And Do you know why ...

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In a nutshell, it's that missing piece that will bring your game together. Element-X goes beyond inner game because "inner game" is only one of the ingredients that makes the system work.

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The blueprint for meeting, dating and having sex with women includes four comprehensive sections and an appendix ...

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I could easily charge $97 per hour for this service alone.

This total package worth is $149 ... and that would be a bargain. I've spent countless of hours putting this package together just for you to end the cycle of abuse heaped upon you.

Here's the deal: Download and more importantly, implement the material presented to you in the "Women Tamed" package (retail price $149), with all the bonuses for only $17.00.

In return for you receiving this special price, you promise to refer all your pussified male friends to my web site and send me an e-mail with your HONEST feedback on what you thought about the "Women Tamed" package.

Sound fair?

Plus, as with all our products, a no questions asked courteous refund within 60 days guarantee. By now you must be craving to TAME her.

YES, I want to start taming now

Here's How It Works...

When you use my secure order form, you're able to download the book immediately as a PDF file - both PC and Mac compatible.

Your transaction is secure using our secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. The transaction will be discreetly billed to you as 'Bonnies Gang Publishing' with our U.S. phone number included (631-742-6964).

The whole process takes just a few minutes and you'll be taming the bitch in about 3 minutes.

When you get the book, scan it a couple of times and read the parts that jump out at you right away, then go back and read it cover to cover.

Next, read the bonus book and then try some of the techniques. You'll notice a difference in your thinking right away, and it will encourage you to try some of the other ideas.

Whatever happens, you'll use this reference constantly as you're learning how to be successfully meet, tame and sleep with a woman.

To your Taming success,


P.S. You're just minutes away from taming the woman of your dreams. By now, you must be dying to get your hands on the secrets of "Women Tamed."

YES! I want to Tame my woman.

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